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TriangleDanger LogoThis page is dedicated to miscellaneous information that may be useful to our member clubs. (For regulations and amendments go to the Regulations tab)

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Standing Start Procedure 2014


 Accounts of the ABkC 2012

Parental Consent Form

Bambino Event & Training Guidelines

Noise and Planning Guidance Document for Clubs

Competition Secretary Seminar

Club Development Grant Application Form (Word Doc available on request to Sec)

Tyro / Clubman Guidelines should be available on the MSA Website. This offers low cost karting with no need for a medical and Clubman licence can be issued on the day of the race, for Juniors maximum of 10bhp, for Seniors maximum of 15bhp.  MSA must approve the technical regulations.

Tyre prices driven down for 2007 onwards:
Through the ABkC’s contract renewal and tendering process for its classes and championships, importers have been able to lower the prices in real terms of all kart tyres from 1.1.2007, which must be good news for all competitors.  As part of the contracts,  ABkC pays out substantial prize money from the tyre companies to leading competitors in Super One and S4.  Some add special extra prizes.

For 2009, with exceptionally high changes in euro, dollar and yen currency rates, and factory input prices, the ABkC has negotiated special rates with the tyre suppliers through the terms of its on-going contracts to avoid what could have been up to 30% increases.  For 2012 there are only small or no increases, all within RPI as follows.

And from 2013 15% of the prize money is kept aside for the ABkC Club Development Fund.  Clubs can apply to the Secretary for grants of up to £500.

Tyre Prices 2013 (all prices per set excl. VAT) 2014 to follow
Please note that these maximum recommended retail prices of tyres are not guaranteed to remain the same all year, in exceptional circumstances they may be changed due to exchange rate variations or factory adjustments due to raw material costs.  See 1990 Prices for comparison.

Maxxis prices 2013
TKM slicks Maxxis New Age Green with barcodes £119.62
TKM wets Maxxis with barcodes £134.07

Bridgestone 2013 prices:
KF senior slicks Bridgestone YLB MSA £141
KFJunior slicks Bridgestone YLC MSA £141
KF wets Bridgestone YKP (Early 2013) then YLP £151
World Formula slicks Bridgestone YJL MSA £110.90
World Formula wets Bridgestone YGR £119.48

Dunlop 2013 prices:
Cadet slicks Dunlop SL3 RAC £111.24
Cadet wets Dunlop KT3 RAC £119.42
KZ2 slicks Dunlop DEH £128.00
KZ2 & KZ1 (125 Gearbox) wets Dunlop KT13 £138.44
Honda Prokart slicks Dunlop SL1 £96.86
Honda Prokart wets Dunlop KT3 £132.14
210 National slicks Dunlop SL3 £112.38
250 National 6″ DES £170
250 National 6″ Wets KT6 W12 £189.10

Mojo prices for the Rotax classes in 2013
D1 Junior & MiniMax Slick £111.20 plus vat
D2 Senior £111.20 plus vat
W2 Junior, MiniMax & Senior wets £129.74
Note the tyres for the UK are marked CIK with yellow bar codes