Quick FAQs

How do I find a local club?

On the menu visit ‘Clubs‘ and search for a club near you.

Should I buy a Kart?

Not until you have visited the club circuit where you are most likely to race, and seen what is popular for your age and size.

Most clubs will have a notice board for adverts and local traders with a selection of karts for sale.

See more on our ‘Start Karting’ page.

Where are the race results?

We’ve grouped together the most popular results sites, go to the Clubs tab, then Results Pages

You can also try the individual club websites, find them on the Clubs Lists.

How do I find an event?

On the menu visit ‘Clubs‘, then the Members Listing and click on one of your local club’s websites.

They will list their events. Major International and National events are listed on our Calendar page.