Results Page

There are three main websites in the UK that carry results, and some more for regional and for international results.  Timing is carried out by a transponder fixed to the rear of the kart seat, which sends a signal to a loop buried in the track at the start/ finish line, plus often two or more additional loops spread round the track to give ‘sector times’.  There are two types of transponder used, the Mylaps (AMB) and the TAG-Heuer.

There are several timing and lap scoring applications used on the computer results systems as follows:

  • SuperSports – the original system used by nearly all kart clubs, but now often superseded by later systems.  It uses the Mylaps transponder.
  • Apex software marketed in the UK by TAG-Heuer to use with their transponders (the same application can also be used with Mylaps transponders, but not in the UK)
  • Alpha Timing which can use either the Mylaps transponders or the TAG-Heuer transponders

The three main results websites are as follows and club listing below:

UK Karting Results – accepts the SuperSports and the TAG-Heuer UK
TAG Heuer UK – developed for the UK circuits using that transponder and the Apex application
Alpha Timing – developed for those using that software

The other sites that might have the results you seek are: Mylaps own site (for Bayford Meadow and Llandow), and the CIK-FIA for their international events. And most Scottish kart race results can also be found here.

Registrations for the 2019 Karting UK British Championships are here:

UK Karting TAG-Heuer UK Alpha Timing
Hunts (Kimbolton)
Isle of Man
Super One Series
Trent Valley (PF Int)
Ulster (Nutts Corner)
Hunts (Kimbolton)
Super One Series
Trent Valley (PF Int)
Buckmore Park
Camberley (Blackbushe)
Cheshire (Hooton park)
Clay Pigeon
Dragon (Glan y Gors)
Forest Edge
Cumbria (Rowrah)
Hoddesdon (Ryehouse)
Manchester & Buxton (Three Sisters)
Whilton Mill
West of Scot (Larkhall)