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So, you’re interested in starting Karting? At ABkC we have everything you need to get to grips with this new and exciting world…

We have a digital brochure and videos available for new karters to help you get started.

Download our brochure here and learn everything you need to know to start karting!

Or click on the links below under More Information for Newcomers to find out about individual classes from Bambino, thought Cadet and Juniors, to Seniors and Gearbox.



Come Karting promotional Video – for this and more videos visit our Video page

This video is intended to promote karting and seek to recruit marshals and officials.  The latest version is online.

Contact the secretary for a copy of the brochure. Also, ABkC clubs can usually offer a copy of the video on DVD if required.

More information for newcomers: (Click on the links below)

What happens on a typical race weekend

Getting your race licence

Costs and kart classes explained – from Bambino, through Cadet to Juniors and Seniors and Gearbox classes, also some details on Historic karts, IKR and F100.



Always support members of the British Kart Industry Association, this gives the buyer extra protection.  See their website here.



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