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TriangleDanger LogoThis page is dedicated to miscellaneous information that may be useful to our member clubs. (For regulations and amendments go to the Regulations tab)

Always check on MSA Website for latest versions of documents


Constitution (Rules) of the ABkC (amended March 2018)

Standing Start Procedure 2014


 Accounts of the ABkC 2017

Draft Minutes of the 2017 AGM held on 27.3.18

Parental Consent Form

Bambino Event & Training Guidelines

Noise and Planning Guidance Document for Clubs

Competition Secretary Seminar

Club Development Grant Application Form (Word Doc available to download)

Tyro / Clubman Guidelines should be available on the MSA Website. This offers low cost karting with no need for a medical and Clubman licence can be issued on the day of the race, for Juniors maximum of 10bhp, for Seniors maximum of 15bhp.  MSA must approve the technical regulations.

Tyre prices driven down for 2007 onwards:
Through the ABkC’s contract renewal and tendering process for its classes and championships, importers have been able to lower the prices in real terms of all kart tyres from 1.1.2007, which must be good news for all competitors.  As part of the contracts,  ABkC pays out substantial prize money from the tyre companies to leading competitors in Super One and S4.  Some add special extra prizes.

For 2009, with exceptionally high changes in euro, dollar and yen currency rates, and factory input prices, the ABkC has negotiated special rates with the tyre suppliers through the terms of its on-going contracts to avoid what could have been up to 30% increases.  For 2012 there are only small or no increases, all within RPI.

And from 2013 15% of the prize money is kept aside for the ABkC Club Development Fund.  Clubs can apply to the Secretary for grants of up to £500.

From 2016/17 the MSA took over the tyre contracts for Cadet, OK and KZ2 whilst the prize funds were negotiated directly between class owners and Super One.  ABkC still organises tyre contracts and receives prize funds for the KZ UK and 250 National classes and the other main class owners generously remain as contributors to the Club Development Fund.