GrahamSmith_SmlThe Association of British Kart Clubs (ABkC) was formed in 1990 to act as an interface between kart clubs and the sports governing body, the MSA, with whom there is a high degree of discussion and co-operation. The clubs are represented by the ABkC Steering Group which is elected each year during the A.G.M. held each Autumn. Over thirty of the kart clubs in the United Kingdom are members. Here is a brief explanation about the benefits of belonging to the ABKC 
and an expanded version of “Who We Are”

Senior officers of the Association

Chairman: Nigel Edwards
  Tel 0788 340 1205 E-mail: Chairman
Secretary: Graham Smith, “Stoneycroft”, Godsons Lane, Napton, SOUTHAM CV47 8LX.
  Tel & Fax 01926 812177 – E-mail: Secretary for all general inquiries
Operations: Grahame Butterworth Email: for inquiries and copy for social media outlets






The elected members of the ABkC Steering Group are:

  • Chairman: Nigel Edwards (pictured above left) 
  • Secretary: Graham Smith (pictured above centre) 
  • Operations Manager: Grahame Butterworth (pictured above right) 
  • Other positions:  Rob Dodds, Paul Skipp, Jim Thornsby, Ian Ward
  • Treasurer: Ann Smith
  • Honorary Presidents: Steve Chapman and Russell Anderson;
  • Partner class attendees:
  • Motorsport UK: Dan Parker, Cheryl Lynch and John Ryan
  • Chairman of Kart Committee: John Vigor; 
    Not all attend on a regular basis.

Also please note:

Here is the Constitution – Rules of the ABKC (revised February 2021)

Here is our Privacy Policy (revised March 2021)

Here is our Safeguarding Policy