Dan Parker appointed as Motorsport UK Karting Manager

Message from Hugh Chambers 31.1.19

As you may be aware during 2018 the Board undertook a number of reviews which included Karting.  One key area identified, during that review, resulted in a reconsideration of the British Kart Championships, which have now been expanded to include British titles for commercial classes and the organisation brought in-house, under the directorship of Karting UK Operations.  Another was the crucial role karting plays in bringing young people into motor sport, although over the years we have seen a decline in the number of licence holders as well as the number of drivers who do not remain in the sport for a number of reasons.

In recognition of the needs of Karting and the role Motorsport UK should take in nurturing and helping to grow the sport we began a search, back in November, for a Karting Manager, the response from the community presented a high caliber of applications for consideration.

Now we have concluded the process we are pleased to announce that Dan Parker will be joining the team on 25th February.

Most of you already know Dan and his extensive karting experience; having moved from Kart Circuit Manager with 7+ years’ experience to then working with Zipkart since 2012, setting up and running the MSA Bambino Championships (which will continue to be run by Zipkart), officiating at the British Kart Championships, Clerk of the Course trainee, UAE (ATC) Steward, he is also a committee member of Shenington Kart Club and a member of Kart Committee. 

During 2019 Dan will work closely with Cheryl Lynch and the team to understand the integral needs of the role as well as taking on the management of the Karting UK Operations Term during its first year of running the British Kart Championships. 

I am sure you will all give Dan a warm welcome and support in his new role.

Cheryl will continue with overall responsibility, during this transition period, and therefore please do not hesitate to continue engaging with her and the team should the need arise.

Best regards.

Hugh Chambers

Chief Executive