Honda Tech Regs Updated effective 24 April 2015

Please note the Honda GX160 Honda Engine Technical Regulations have been updated with Version 10A and they become effective on 24 April 2015.  Kart Race Yearbook regulation B4.2 and the KTE for Honda Junior and Senior are thus amended from that date.

The amendments include the following:
Section 1: The words ‘Position’ and ‘Function’ added to cover the positioning of crankcase oil seals.
Section  6 and Appendix 1: Clarification of an amended part number from Honda, the part itself is unchanged.
Section 16: Piston Ring ‘1T’ added to permitted list as now supplied on UK spec engines.
Section 17: Amended dimensions for the con rod, to make it easier to measure by scrutineers, no actual change to spec.  Illustration added in Appendix 3.
Section 20: A maximum dimension for the coil mounting hole, and a drawing added in Appendix 3.
Section 23: A welded repair is allowed for one (only) coil mounting post, which can become damaged if the magnet flies free.  The position and thread sizes may not be altered.
Section 26: For clarification to state that clutches that can be adjusted in position are not permitted, and plate clutches are not permitted.  There are pictures in Appendix 3.

The regulations are available on the Regulations page, and here