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November 2023 Newsletter

the November 2023 issue of the ABKC news is now available on the News Archive page or here:

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March ABKC News published

The 2023 March newsletter is now published on the News Archive page

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ABKC News November & December

The November and December newsletters are on the News Archive page

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Queen Elizabeth II: 1926 - 2022

Friday 9th September

The Association of British Kart Clubs joins with Motorsport UK and the nation in mourning following the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

ABKC offers our deepest sympathies to His Majesty The King and the whole Royal Family.

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ABKC Newsletter July 2022

The July 2022 ABKC Newsletter is now on the News Archive page, or here

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ABKC Newsletter March 2022

The March 2022 ABKC Newsletter is published here

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ABKC AGM 2022 Draft Minutes

The draft minutes of the ABKC AGM held on 2nd March 2022 are now available here

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Newsletter February 2022

The February 2022 edition of the ABKC Newsletters has been published, view on the News Archive webpage or see 

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Newsletters December & Sept 2021

Please visit News Archive | Association of British Kart Clubs ( for our latest newsletters

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ABKC Newsletter 25th March 2021

The March 25th Newsletter is here

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MS UK issue regulation amendments to MiniMax, IAME Cadet, Rotax

IAME Cadet Fiche Correction
Please note that following the recently advised introduction of a new exhaust restrictor in the IAME Cadet class, a further amendment to the fiche has been added, which corrects a small piece of information on the exhaust restrictor detail. Following a manufacturing process change, the parallel...Read More »

Motorsport UK surveys Feb 2021

Motorsport UK have sent invitations to complete two surveys, the first is for consultation on the proposed class structure, likely for 2023, and the second mailed to all licence holders is for the “Rewriting the Rules” project.  We urge all licence holders to complete that survey about simplifying the Blue...Read More »

ABKC Newsletter 25 Feb 2021

Latest ABKC News posted on 25th February, click here to view: 

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ABKC Newsletter February 2021

The February 2021 ABKC Newsletter is now available here or go to the News Archive page

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New Format for ABkC to be agreed at AGM

The Association of British Kart Clubs is set to make major changes to its format and activities, to align with changes in the structure of karting introduced by the governing body, Motorsport UK.

ABkC has reached an agreement with Motorsport UK which sets out new lines of responsibility for both organisations...Read More »

Motorsport UK Kart Newsletter Dec 2020

Go here for the December 2020 Motorsport UK kart news

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Honda Tech Regs V16 for 2021

Please note the approved 2021 Honda Tech Regs V16 and a brief summary of the changes is now available on the Regulations page.

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Amendment to the Honda Tech Regs effective 1 June 2020

Please note this amendment to the Honda Tech Regs 2020 issued by the ABkC and effective 1st June 2020, read it here

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Motorsport UK announces £1M funding package

Motorsport UK, the national governing body of four-wheel motorsport, announced on 8th April a £1 million funding package to help its clubs address the financial consequences of COVID-19.

The funding is one of a number of measures that it is implementing to offset the economic impact that the global pandemic has...Read More »

ABkC March 2020 Newsletter published

The March 2020 ABkC Newsletter has been published and is available here: 

on the News Archive page on our website

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Honda GX160 Tech Regs clarifications issued

The ABkC has issued a clarification to the 2020 Honda GX160 Technical Regulations V15 which can be found here:

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ABkC October 2019 Newsletter available

To read the October 2019 newsletter click here or go to the News Archive page.  Lots of information about the 2020 regulations.

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Honda Cadet engine update clarification

Please note this clarification issued on 28.6.19:

Honda Classes including Honda Cadet:

An updated, more environmentally-compliant Honda T2 engine is now in circulation with engine preparers and will shortly be seen at circuits. The external method of identifying this engine is that the engine number will start with a “4”. The only...Read More »

Ram Air in gearbox - amendment re-instated

Message from Motorsport UK dated 1.2.19 – see our Regulations page for the amendment

Dear All,

Following the recent communication concerning the deferment of the banning of ‘ram air’ intakes on gearbox karts, the...Read More »

Dan Parker appointed as Motorsport UK Karting Manager

Message from Hugh Chambers 31.1.19

As you may be aware during 2018 the Board undertook a number of reviews which included Karting.  One key area identified, during that review, resulted in a reconsideration of the British Kart Championships, which have now been expanded to...Read More »

ABkC December 2018 Newsletter available

The ABkC’s December 2018 Newsletter is now available to download from the website right here.  Please note all the new and amended regulations for 2019, and note that Council will be making decisions in December that may result in amended regulations for...Read More »

Entries are open for the 2019 British Kart Championships

Entries to the 2019 British Kart Championships are now open!

All the British Championships will be organised by a new Motorsport UK division, Karting UK Operations, as the governing body takes a more proactive role in promoting and growing the sport.

Dedicated experts will be appointed to run the British Championships from...Read More »

MSA rebrands as Motorsport UK & Karting UK

On Monday 12th November the Motor Sports Association rebranded at Motorsport UK, with our discipline rebranded as Karting UK with its own website
Please read the press release here:
And their Strategy document here:
Motorsport...Read More »

ABkC August Newsletter

The August 2018 newsletter is published and is available on the News Archive pages along with the April News and earlier editions. Download it here.

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ABkC at Kartmania 2018

The ABkC will return to the Kartmania show at Silverstone on 24/25 November, helping out new and existing drivers and parents with advice in the Information area. Also in the area will be the MSA, ARKS and a number of karts in different classes to view.

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ABkC at Autosport Racing Car Show 2018

The Association of British Kart Clubs shared a stand with the Super One at the 2018 Autosport Racing Car Show, held at the NEC in January 2018.  Many visitors were helped with their karting aspirations and several signed up for a Lets Go Karting taster session.  The Racing Rules Explained...Read More »

ABkC at Kartmania 2017

Association of British Kart Clubs were at Kartmania, Silverstone ( ) helping potential new drivers to enter the sport of kart racing, answering questions on regulations and giving out leaflets on kart racing.  ABkC is a primary sponsor of the show,...Read More »

Honda Tech Regs V13 2018

Please note the 2018 Honda Technical Regulations V13 are now MSA approved and published on the Regulations page.  They come into force on 31.3.2018.  This should give time for entrants to have their engines checked for 2018 legality during winter rebuilds.

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LeCont tyres chosen for KZ2 and KZ UK

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) and the Association of British Kart Clubs (ABkC) have entered negotiations with LeCont as the preferred supplier of tyres to the KZ2 & KZ UK classes from 2018-20.

The slick...Read More »

ABkC October Newsletter

The October 2017 newsletter has been published, with important information for clubs and drivers.

Click here for the newsletter

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ABkC July 2017 Newsletter

The ABKC July Newsletter has now been published and is available on the News Archive page, or click here.

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Progress Report with MSA Discussions July 2017


As discussed and planned at the AGM, The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Association of British Kart Clubs (ABkC) met with Senior members of the MSA yesterday to discuss the way forward with Karting in general.  Particular emphasis was placed on entry...Read More »

E Plate re-allocations

ABkC E Plates for 2017 Update

Lincolnshire Kart Club held a successful E Plate meeting in June with around 180 competitors and the ABkC thanks them for this, but some classes did not achieve sufficient entries to either offer the E Plate or to run.  Therefore the ABkC is re-allocating these...Read More »

May 2017 ABkC News published

The ABKC has published its May 2017 newsletter with details of the AGM to be held on 13 June, visit here for download.

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TVKC offer 1000 euro prizes for top Brits at World Champs

Trent Valley Kart Club are excited to announce that, with huge thanks to the generosity of Cometic Gasket Ltd, the highest placed UK driver in both OK Senior and OK Junior will receive €1000 each plus...Read More »

Manchester & Buxton KC carries on

ABkC Chairman Nigel Edwards has expressed his support for Manchester & Buxton Kart Club as they work to continue racing at Three Sisters, where the circuit operator went into liquidation last week.


The club – who were not involved in the financial crash – have...Read More »

MSA relaunches 2017 British Kart Championships

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) has relaunched this year’s MSA British Junior and Senior Kart Championships with a revised calendar and a stunning new prize package.

Promoted by Super One Series, the six-round championship...Read More »

ABkC & ARKS help newcomers at the Autosport Show

The ABKC and ARKS shared the Super One stand at the Autosport International Racing Car show held at the NEC 12-15 January 2017.  The new 2017 version of the How to Start Karting Brochure was given to many of the visitors, to help explain kart racing.  It is available...Read More »

ABkC Plans a New Future within UK Karting

The Association of British Kart Clubs has taken time out to carry out in depth discussion on its future within national karting in the face of changes and perceptions within the sport.


Under the leadership of acting Chairman Nigel Edwards, who took over in October,...Read More »

Tal-Ko support for revised 2017 front bumper regulations


Use of the new style CIK front bumpers with drop down system has been welcomed by many drivers and clearly has reduced the number of first corner incidents. As such we support its usage.

However it has become clear this year that certain kart brands have exploited...Read More »

ABkC at Kartmania and Autosport

The ABkC helped many visitors at Kartmania with their introduction to kart racing. A steady flow of mostly younger potential drivers were offered brochures and DVD’s and many copies of the ABkC’s Racing Rules Explained booklet sold. Parents and more mature racers were also able to purchase the Karting...Read More »

MSA extends contract with kart engine supplier Vortex (OTK)

Following the success of this year’s relaunched MSA British Kart and Junior Kart Championships, the MSA has agreed a two-year extension of the Vortex (OTK) engine supply contract.

This means that Vortex (OTK) will supply...Read More »

MSA Approve introduction of Rotax Max Evo accessories for 2017

Reproduced from the official JAG website:

The Motor Sports Association have now approved the introduction of ROTAX MAX EVO Accessories for use from the 1st January 2017 for the Rotax Max Senior & Junior Classes.
It is acceptable to use Accessories from EVO & Pre-EVO together at the same time. However...Read More »

October Newsletter now available

Please click here for the October Newsletter, lots of useful information about this year and next.

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July News 2016 now available

The ABKC has issued its July Newsletter, available here

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Tal-Ko update BT82 parts

Tal-Ko has announced two updates on parts used in the TKM BT82 engine as used in the Formula TKM classes.

The V clutch used for clutch and TAG versions of the engine has a revised clutch drum which has been modified to prevent leakage of...Read More »

Racing Rules Explained book now available

The ABkC now has stock of it’s new Racing Rules Explained book, aimed at new young drivers and their parents.  See this media release for full details.  All member clubs will receive a copy with an order form for more.

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ABKC issues Honda Cadet Exhaust bulletin

With immediate effect all Honda Cadet exhausts must have a safety tether attached.  Exhausts must be returned by 29 July for foc modifications.  See bulletin No 4 here. This supersedes and replaces Bulletin No 3.

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ABKC issues updated Honda Tech Regs V11a

The ABKC issued an updated version 11a of the Honda GX160 Technical Regulations on 23.5.16 for immediate implementation.  Various clarifications are included such as the new issue Honda jets and coils.

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ABKC issues bulletin regarding Honda GX160 head gaskets

On 8 April 2016 the ABKC issued an MSA approved bulletin having immediate effect regarding the thickness of the Honda GX160 engines.  The bulletin can be viewed on the Regulations page of the ABKC website here.

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MSA releases OK/OKJ Class Regs for British Champs

The MSA have released the OK/OKJ class regulations for the new MSA British Kart Championships which will be held on the following dates promoted by the Super One Series:


  • 28-29 May 2016 – Whilton Mill
  • 16-17 July – Shenington
  • 23-25 September – PF International


The class regulations are available here:

The...Read More »

Warning to Honda Cadet owners

Note to Honda Cadet kart owners – it has been noticed that if the kart is brought into a warm or hot environment that the fuel can expand in the tank without release of the air due to the non return valve operating.  That...Read More »

December 2015 News online

The December 2015 Newsletter is now available here

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Honda Cadet 2016 Exhaust Bulletin

Please see this Bulletin 2016_1 HondaCadet Exhaust for the 2016 Honda Cadet exhaust regulations.  The 2016 Honda Technical Regulations V11 will be published before Xmas.

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Honda Cadet Exhaust for 2016 chosen by ABkC

ABkC chooses 2016 Honda Cadet Exhaust from DEP Pipes

After extensive evaluation the ABkC has chosen a new Honda Cadet exhaust for 2016 from DEP Pipes.  The new exhaust may be used from 1 January 2016 and will be mandatory in the class from 31 March.  The DEPHC1600...Read More »

ABkC AGM Agenda 3 December

Please note the 2015 ABkC Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 3rd December starting at 11am.  The agenda is below:

AGENDA for the Annual General Meeting of the ABkC on Thursday 3.12.2015

Please note the meeting will start at 11 am at the Donington Park Farmhouse Hotel in the Oak...Read More »

October 2015 Newsletter available

The October 2015 Newsletter is now on line, you can view it here or via the News Archive page. The newsletter covers all the important changes to class and sporting regulations for 2016, so please read carefully.

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June Newsletter now available

The June ABkC News is now on line here.  Please take time to read carefully, there is a lot of important information for clubs and competitors.

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April Newsletter available to read

The April newsletter is now on line here. There’s lots of information for clubs and competitors, please take time to read it.  There is the exciting news that after hard work and lobbying from ABkC and Kart Committee Chairman the MSA have agreed to...Read More »

Honda Tech Regs Updated effective 24 April 2015

Please note the Honda GX160 Honda Engine Technical Regulations have been updated with Version 10A and they become effective on 24 April 2015.  Kart Race Yearbook regulation B4.2 and the KTE for Honda Junior and Senior are thus amended from that date.

The amendments include the following:
Section 1: The words...Read More »

MSA issue Gold Book amendments to Bambino & Cadet

The MSA during late January 2015 have issued two amendments to the Kart Race Yearbook pertaining to Bambino and Cadet regulations.  Also the fiche for Rotax FR125 and TKM BT82 engines have had amendments.  View them at

...Read More »

ABkC / ARKS at the Autosport Show

The joint ABkC and ARKS stand at the Autosport International Racing Show helped to attract several new drivers into the sport.  Officials were on hand to explain the sport, the classes and how to get a licence.

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January 2015 Newsletter on line

Please note the latest January 2015 Newsletter is now posted, its on here

All the latest from the Annual General Meeting and last steering group meeting.

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ABkC exhibiting at Autosport 2015

Come and see us for a chat at Autosport 2015 from 8 – 11 January on Stand 6305.  We will be giving out our new Start Karting brochure and new Come Karting DVD to attract new drivers to our sport.

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2015 Start Karting brochure published

Our new How to Start Karting brochure has now been printed and is available for clubs or individuals by requesting a DVD and brochure on the start karting / request a DVD page.  A new Come Karting DVD is in production and will be available soon, and along with the...Read More »

Kartmania report

The ABkC sharing with ARKS and the MSA had a very productive time at Kartmania at the end of November.  We answered many questions about karting, mainly relating to newcomers, and sold nearly 40 Start Karting packs between us. There was hardly a moment to take breath on Saturday,...Read More »

ABkC joins the MSA and congratulates Hamilton on second F1 title

The MSA – governing body of UK motor sport – sends its warmest congratulations to Lewis Hamilton on being crowned the 2014 FIA Formula One World Drivers’ Champion after winning the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

This year has been outstanding for 29-year-old Hamilton and his Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One...Read More »

Tal-Ko complete investigation on illegal engine tuning

Tal-Ko Racing, controllers of the Formula TKM classes, have completed their investigations into illegal modifications discovered being carried out on some  TKM BT82 engines used within the class.

The results conclude that the work carried out to cylinder barrels and some pistons was carried out by Paul Scothern who operates from...Read More »

AGM is 9 December, October News out

Please note the Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held at 11 am at Donington Park Farmhouse Hotel on Tuesday 9th December, all welcome  All clubs should be sending a committee member to have their vote on the nominations for the 2015 Steering Group.  Details and lots of...Read More »

General News

Callum Bradshaw wins CIK Academy title

  • Brit Bradshaw wins international kart title

    Callum Bradshaw has won the CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy after being nominated by the MSA to represent the UK in the world championship for promising young karters.

    Fifty-one competitors aged 13 to 15 took part in the championship, having been...Read More »

    Super One confirms MSA British Championship Calendar

    The relaunched MSA British Junior and Senior Kart Championships will kick off at Whilton Mill on 28-29 May, promoter Super One Series has confirmed.

    In a major boost to UK karting, the MSA British Championships will run as non-gearbox classes for the first time in three years. The full three-round calendar...Read More »

    Race 'n' Respect launched by Allan McNish

    Sportscar legend and ex-F1 racer Allan McNish joined the MSA at Autosport International (16 January) to extend the Race ‘n’ Respect campaign across all karting, junior circuit racing and junior drag racing, and to present awards to Bambino karters.

    Race ‘n’ Respect is a code of conduct designed to create...Read More »

    MSA Chooses Dunlop for Cadet tyre supply

    The Motor Sports Association (MSA) is pleased to confirm that it has entered into negotiations with Dunlop as the preferred supplier of tyres to the Formula Cadet kart class from 2017.

    The move follows an open tender process that the MSA launched last July. The tender document required a half-second...Read More »

    MSA issues 2017 kart class homologation regulations

    MSA issues 2017 kart class homologation regulations


    The Motor Sports Association (MSA) has confirmed the regulations governing the introduction of new non-gearbox Junior and...Read More »

    New kart front fairing mandatory from March 2016

    New kart front fairing mandatory from March 2016


    The Motor Sports Association (MSA) can confirm that the CIK-FIA’s detachable front fairing mounting kit will...Read More »

    2016 Calendar dates

    Provisional 2016 dates for major International and National events are now available on our Calendar page.

    ...Read More »

    Silverstone all revved up for Kartmania 2015

    UK and European Karting elite ready themselves for the 9th and biggest show yet.
    The “Wing” at Silverstone racing circuit just outside Towcester, Northamptonshire, the traditional home of British Motorsport since 1948 will play host for the 4th year running to Kartmania on the weekend of the 28th...Read More »

    New trend-setting start system for TKM engine

    Tal-Ko Racing is leading the way in karting by offering a new EeziStart option for its range of TKM 2-stroke kart engines used in the Formula TKM class, making it the first engine manufacturer in the world to offer a race engine with every option.

    The new EeziStart system uses...Read More »


    We clarify TKM rule C3.4.28 concerning piston rings as follows with new detail highlighted:

    • C3.4.28 Piston rings must at all times remain predominately free (50% or more) to operate in the manner in which they were designed and supplied. It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that the rings...Read More »

    Cost of karting driven down

    The MSA and ARKS have announced a series of initiatives as follows to reduce the cost of karting, and the entry costs to the sport.  The ARKS Schools have agreed to reduce the fee for the Novice Driver ARKS Test from £95 to £50 on a trial...Read More »