New trend-setting start system for TKM engine

EeziStart valve set in cylinder headTal-Ko Racing is leading the way in karting by offering a new EeziStart option for its range of TKM 2-stroke kart engines used in the Formula TKM class, making it the first engine manufacturer in the world to offer a race engine with every option.

The new EeziStart system uses a simple de-compression valve which makes push starting direct drive engines much easier, while at the same time also aiding electric start engines whether using on-board TAG or outboard starter.

The valve is incredibly easy to use. Simply push on the blue head of the valve to open it. Then start the engine in the normal way. The valve allows the engine to turn over much easier until the point at which it fires, then the valve will automatically close and the engine starts.

Tal-Ko, the UK’s only kart race engine manufacturer, has been testing the EeziStart system on a TKM BT82 engine over the past year with one operating as part of the Club 100 arrive and drive race series where it has performed without fault.

It is the same system to that being used for the new breed of CIK international engines which come into use for 2016 aimed at simplifying kart engines. The TKM version will also come into use from January 1, 2016.

Explains Tal-Ko boss Alan Turney: “We always try to give our drivers what they want. We developed the clutch and outboard electric starter option many years ago. Then we moved on to add the TAG (touch and go) system for those that want greatest ease with on-board starter and battery.

“But there are still plenty of people who are attracted by the simplicity and low weight of the direct drive method. For those people the optional EeziStart system is a great bonus because it is ultra-simple and reliable but makes starting the engine so much easier.”

The EeziStart valve will be available as an option on every new model TKM BT82 engine at an additional cost of just £29 + vat. It can also be used on any existing engine, but will need a new EeziStart cylinder head complete with valve at a cost of £178 + vat as it is not feasible to convert existing heads.

The cylinder head for the engine has been externally altered to take the valve with the modification of cooling fins. Internally the valve makes no difference to the engine and must be used in unmodified form as detailed in the official 2016 TKM BT82 engine fiche.

Adds Alan Turney: “We tried to make it possible to fit the valve to an existing head allowing a low cost up-grade for older engines but it was simply not practical to achieve. We stress there is no performance advantage or disadvantage from this new option – it just makes starting that much easier.”