Tal-Ko support for revised 2017 front bumper regulations


Use of the new style CIK front bumpers with drop down system has been welcomed by many drivers and clearly has reduced the number of first corner incidents. As such we support its usage.

However it has become clear this year that certain kart brands have exploited a potential loophole in the regulations laid down by the CIK which has allowed them to gain a racing advantage. This is unacceptable.

We welcome the action of the CIK in closing this loophole and support its introduction for all classes in 2017 to ensure our drivers a level playing field.

We understand the anguish of drivers who have these now non-compliant brands and will now have to upgrade their fittings to meet the updated regulations, but would point out that manipulation of the original specification has gained them an unfair advantage and so this change is required.

The matter of costs associated with this and availability of replacement parts and their homologation numbering system is a matter between each kart brand and its dealers and customers, and not something which we as TKM class controllers can be involved in.

We welcome the pressure which the MSA and ABkC are applying in trying to resolve this issue for those affected.