Here is a small collection of YouTube playlists available to watch.

Karting promotional video

Come Karting explanatory video – new Jan 2015 version

Get started in Bambino promo video

Get started in the Cadet classes (IAME and Honda)

Get started in the Junior classes

Get started in Gearbox kart racing

ARKS-MSA Start Karting for novice drivers


Shenington Races

Come Karting version with historic kart section

Super 1 Races

Historic Karting Sheni 2007

IAME Gazelle Engine Checking

MSA Rd1 programme from Shenington in 2014:

MSA Rd 3 Glan y Gors Park

Rotax Rd 1 Rowrah

Rotax Rd 2 Buckmore Park